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The company “North House”constructsecological timber frame houses – summer houses, guest houses, bathhouses and other types of buildings in Latvia. The key success factor in providing a high-quality service is a professional team work with more than 15 years of experience in construction.

We provide a full cycle of construction services– from project development to a finished building (without internal communication and interior decoration).

Our primary objective is to fulfil the needs and desires of the person who has entrusted us with the job of building a house – to build exactly the house that the client needs, doing it in the shortest possible time and adapting to the financial possibilities of the client. Therefore, from the first contact with the client, we take all the care and responsibility for the upcoming building –project development, harmonization and construction of the house.

The company “North House”performs construction works throughout the whole year – regardless of the season or weather conditions.

We offer two types of solutions. Prefabricated timber frame houses and modular houses of standard design. Building modules are designed according to special technology to provide optimum energy efficiency and excellent microclimate for the building.The main advantage is the possibility to get a house very quickly (on average, the company builds it within two months). It also offers solutions for reducing construction costs, for example, by allowing the customer to complete the construction of the building on its own.

The company “North House” also constructs timber-framed panel houses according to individual projects. The main objective is to capture exactly our client’s vision and idea and to build the client’s dream house.

The timber frame houses constructed by the company “North House” are highly valued in Latvia; therefore the company is currently taking safe steps to develop its activities abroad – building timber frame houses in Estonia, Spain, Germany, Iceland, Scandinavian countries, etc.