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Thanks to the modern technological capabilities, the construction of wooden frame houses has developed rapidly, which greatly accelerates the process of house building and also allows you to save money. Wooden framed houses require a type of home construction that is able to compete with concrete and brick houses, not only with the speed of construction, but also with stamina. Due to the low weight of wooden panels, there is no need for very massive foundations, which allow you to save money on foundation construction.

Wooden framed house panels are made of natural materials, which consist mainly of wood, which is an organic material that responds to climate change, as well as fluctuations in the temperature of the interior space, the moist wood is swirling, dry shrinkage. For a newly built house, the tree remains alive for up to 10 years and longer. It is important for the wood drying process to take into account the air gap between the panel and the final finish of the facade.


The precision and quality of wooden frame building elements is very high, since most of them are manufactured at the factory. This simplifies the installation of panels and reduces the possibility of pitfalls. Wooden frame house designs are floor, wall, ceiling and roof panels. Each panel contains, on average, 70% cotton wool, 30% wood. Wood in combination with construction wool provides wood-framed houses with high thermal and ecological properties. The construction of wooden frame houses utilizes modern technological and architectural solutions as well as a variety of materials and their wide application possibilities.

Assembly and finishing

Construction of wooden frame houses is not weather-dependent and construction can be done at any time of the day, even in winter. The wooden frame house is finished right after the completion of the house assembly process, which lasts 1-3 days depending on the project.

Wooden frame house building technologies are in line with the climatic conditions of Latvia and the requirements for the construction of individual buildings. Below, we offer you to look at the solutions of our standard wall, ceiling and roof construction panels, which we have developed in accordance with the climatic conditions in Latvia.