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In Latvia, people relatively less often choose to build their own home according to an individual project than people in other countries. But it’s safe to say –those who choose to do it are real hosts as they know exactly what kind of house they want to have. When building a house by individual project, one of the key success factors is to be on one wave with the team entrusted with building a home.The team of the designers and builders of the company “North House”highly respects and appreciates people’s desire to create a personal and individual home and is always looking for an individualized solution, enthusiastically helping to implement even the most daring ideas and providing professional advice and action to avoid problems with which you are encountered when constructing an individual home.

Any house begins with an idea. If it is planned to build an individual house, most people have been inspired by somefascinating project. Then they have adapted and improved it in accordance withtheir ideas, tastes and needs.And in this situation, the team of the company “North House” can render sound professional judgements, suggest small but significant adjustments to make the house more functional and possibly reduce construction costs. It is to be expected that an individually built house always costs more than a typical one, but with the advice of professionals for such a house costs can be reduced.

It may also happen that people have the idea of wanting to build an individual home, but there is no clear idea what kind of house it should be. Then the specialists of the company “North House” in conversation with the person capture the ideas and tastes of this person and the intended functionality of the house, and make these ideas, tastes and intentions tangible by putting them on the paper.

If people have decided to build an individual house for themselves, they usually have a vision of what material it will be built. The team of the company “North House” has extensive experience of working with various materials, so the specialists of the team can tell the advantages and disadvantages of the materials in question, as well as the suitability of the intended building project.

It often happens that the idea of what a home should be like continues to develop and the host wants to make changes in the construction process. The team of the company “North House”respects such situations and is always ready to make all the necessary changes.

The team of the company “North House”is hand in glove with the person who wants to build a house, both having a common aim – to build the client’s dream house.