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The main function of the external wall of the building is to provide protection against climatic conditions – wind, humidity, rain, etc. Therefore, the finishing of the facade must be of high quality so that it is durable in a wide variety of climatic conditions and will not lose its visual appearance over time.

For the facade finishing of a timber frame house, most often decorative finishing boards or ornamental plaster are used. However, if you wish, the facade can be finished with decorative bricks, brick tiles, sidings, finished cement slabs, etc.


Decorative finishing boards

Decorativetimberfinishing boards are used for facade decoration, as well as forcladding a wind box, roofing, etc. It is a natural and ecological material. In order to provide a long-term and high quality service of finishing boards, their size should be at least 21mm. If the boards are too wide, they may swell or shrink due to temperature fluctuations. On the other hand, if the boards are too small, they may deform and spin due to temperature fluctuations. For construction of external cladding of the facade, spruce boards are most often used because they absorb moisture less than plywood boards, therefore, the facade of the spruce boards last longer.



Decorative plaster

Decorative plaster is one of the most popular types of facade decoration, which gives the facade a special decorative finish. Decorative plaster (from the facade finishing with boards) is characterized by the fact that in order to make it in high quality it is necessary to prepare the foundation, and this is a time-consuming process. Decorative plasters vary in size from 1.5mm to 3mm. Decorative plaster facade can be made with different texture, for example, a similar curd mass structure or rain imitation, etc. Decorative plaster is available both as a dry mixture and in a finished form with a tint.



Decorative tiles or brick tiles

Decorative tiles for facade decoration are made from natural stone slate. It is cut into strips.Tiles can be of different thickness and with different relief. When decorating with brick tiles, you can highlight and accentuate the facade. Brick tiles are used both for interior decoration and for exterior facades. Bricks can be used on different surfaces – plinths, fences, interior wall decoration, fireplace decoration, etc.



Decorative bricks

Decorative finishing bricks are natural, ecological, durable and fireproof materials. Decorative bricks are one of the most expensive types of facade finishing. On the other hand, such a facade does not require any additional repair or renovation during operation – of course, if the construction works of the facade are done technologically correctly. There is no moss on decorative bricks, such a facade protects the building against the wind, rain and frost. The facade finishing of decorative bricks is perfectly suited to the climatic conditions of Latvia.